Caroline Morahan
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General Information
Gender: Female
Other Information
Occupation(s): Actress
Education: Dublin City University
Betty Ann Norton Theatre School
Talents: Acting
Family & Friends
Relationships: Daithi O'Caoimh (husband)
Series Information
Character: Queen Elinor
First appearance: The Bear King

Caroline Morahan is an Irish actress and television host. She plays Queen Elinor in season 5 of the ABC series Once Upon a Time. She appears in the 2012 short films Howard, directed by Shia LaBeouf and I Can't See You Anymore directed by Michael Kinirons, and the feature film What About Love starring Sharon Stone and Andy Garcia. In 2011, Morahan appeared in the A&E Network TV pilot Big Mike, the movie Lionhead, and the theatre production Pity the Proud Ones at the Los Angeles Theatre Centre. She starred in the musical I, Keano and appeared in the 2010 Irish film A Kiss for Jed.

In 2009, Morahan was cast in the web fan series Doctor Who Alternate Empire on YouTube. The series grew a popular fan base and spawned three sequel episodes with the same cast. She has gone on to be cast as the same character, Samantha, in Alternate Empire audio adventures with the same Doctor, played by actor Julian Bane. She will also voice her character again in 2012 Second Life episodes, again alongside Julian Bane in the hit Second Life Doctor Who fan series produced by hardcore fans of the show.

She is a former presenter on TV fashion show Off the Rails on RTÉ One. She has hosted numerous television shows including The Fame Game, Chance to Dance, The Podge and Rodge Show and The IFTA's Red Carpet Show, and has been a celebrity judge on talent shows Class Act and It's My Show.

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Early life

Caroline Morahan was enrolled at drama school at the age of four. She graduated from Dublin City University with a Bachelor of Arts in communication studies, earning first class honors for her photographic thesis. Her first professional acting role was that of Barbara Cleary in Fair City. During her university years she appeared in numerous short films and television pilots. Her television hosting career began in 2001 with The Fame Game.

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