Elliot Knight
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General Information
Gender: Male
Birthday: July 10, 1990
Age: 26
Birthplace: West Bromwich, West Midlands, UK
Other Information
Height: 6'
Occupation(s): Actor
Education: King Edward VI Aston School
Manchester Metropolitan School of Theatre
Talents: Acting
Family & Friends
Family: Stuart Knight (father)
Lorna Knight (mother)
Series Information
Character: Merlin
First appearance: The Dark Swan
Last appearance: Broken Heart

Elliot Knight is a British actor. He is known for his role as Sinbad in the British television series Sinbad. He portrayed Merlin on the American fantasy television series Once Upon a Time

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Early life and education

Knight was born in Birmingham, United Kingdom to Stuart and Lorna Knight, who are both teachers. His father works at Broadway Secondary School in Perry Barr, Birmingham.

He was a pupil at King Edward VI Aston School and studied subsequently at the Manchester Metropolitan School of Theatre, where he graduated with a BA (Hon) degree in 2011.

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