Lana Parrilla
Lana Parrilla SDCC 2014
General Information
Gender: Female
Nicknames: LP
Birthday: July 15, 1977
Age: 39
Birthplace: Brooklyn, New York City, New York, USA
Nationality: Puerto Rican
Social Networks: Twitter
Other Information
Height: 5'6"
Occupation(s): Actress
Talents: Acting
Family & Friends
Family: Sam Parrilla (father)
Dolores Dee Azzara (mother)
Candice Azzara (aunt)
Deena (sister)
Sammy (nephew)
Jack di Blasio (step-son)
Patrick di Blasio (step-son)
Matt di Blasio (step-son)
Friends: Robert Carlyle
Jared S. Gilmore
Relationships: Fred Di Blasio (husband)
Series Information
Character: Regina Mills/Evil Queen
First appearance: Pilot

Lana Maria Parrilla is an American actress. Parrilla is best known for her roles on television and radio. She was a regular cast member in the fifth season of the ABC sitcom Spin City from 2000 to 2001. She later starred in Boomtown (2002-2003), Windfall (2006), Swingtown (2008) and as Doctor Eva Zambrano in the short-lived medical drama Miami Medical (2010). She also played the role of Sarah Gavin during the fourth season of the Fox series 24 in 2005. In 2011, Parrilla began starring as The Evil Queen/Regina Mills in the ABC fantasy drama series, Once Upon a Time. In 2016 Parrilla won a Teen Choice awards for Choice TV Actress: Fantasy/Sci-Fic.

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Early Life

Parrilla was born in Brooklyn. Her father, Sam Parrilla (1943–94), was a Puerto Rican-born baseball player who played professionally for 11 seasons (1963–73), including one season with the Major League Philadelphia Phillies in 1970 as an outfielder. Her mother is an American painter of Sicilian descent who works in banking. Parrilla has one older sister, Deena, and a nephew named Sammy. She is also the niece of character actress Candice Azzara. Parrilla's parents divorced when she was four years old. She spent her first ten years living with her mother, and then lived with her father. During the time she lived with her father, he was too protective to allow her to attend a performing arts school, which delayed her acting career. Parrilla lived with her father until his murder in 1994, when she was 16 and he was 50. Her father was shot once in the chest by a 15-year-old female assailant at point blank range and later died from the wound. After the death of her father, Parrilla moved in with her mother in Burbank, California. Parrilla visited Granada in 2007 to learn Spanish. After high school she moved to Los Angeles and attended Beverly Hills Playhouse to study acting. She also studied voice for ten years. Parrilla then began to be cast in small parts and later on, larger ones.


Year TV Show/Movie Medium Role
1999 Grown Ups TV Series Waitress
2000 Very Mean Men Teresa
2000 Spiders Marci Eyre
2001 Semper Fi TV Movie Female Series Commander
2000 - 2001 Spin City TV Series Angie Ordonez
2002 The Shield TV Series Sedona Tellez
2003 Frozen Stars Lisa Vasquez
2002 - 2003 Boomtown TV Series Teresa Ortiz
2004 NYPD Blue TV Series Officer Janet Grafton
2004 One Last Ride Antoinette
2004 Six Feet Under TV Series Maile
2005 24 TV Series Sarah Gavin
2006 Windfall TV Series Nina Schaefer
2007 Lost TV Series Greta
2008 Mistaken TV Movie Nellie Givens
2008 Swingtown TV Series Trina Decker
2010 Miami Medical TV Series Dr. Eva Zambrano
2010 Covert Affairs TV Series Julia Suarez
2010 Medium TV Series Lydia Halstrom
2010 The Defenders TV Series Betty Johnson
2011 Chase TV Series Isabella Cordova
2011 - 2018 Once Upon a Time TV Series Regina Mills / Evil Queen / Ursula / Roni


  • Her father was the late Sam Parrilla, a professional baseball player who played for the Philadelphia Phillies in 1970, his only time in the majors.
  • Has a tattoo.
  • Her favourite sweet is Airwaves chewing gum.
  • She has a her own fan base known as the "Evil Regals". She came up with the name for fans of her character 'Regina Mills/ The Evil Queen' in the TV series Once Upon a Time.
  • She got the scar on her lip when she was 10 years old after she tried to protect her pet cat from a dog attack.
  • (July 5, 2014) Married her longtime boyfriend Fred di Blasio following a 14-month-long engagement.
  • Step-mother of Jack di Blasio, Patrick di Blasio & Matt di Blasio.
  • Niece of actress Candice Azzara.