Robin Hood
Robin Hood OUAT promo (Alone)
Status Destroyed by the Olympian Crystal
Gender Male
Hair Colour N/A
Eye Color N/A
Species N/A
Family Roland (son, with Marian)
Robin (daughter, with Zelena)
Relationships Maid Marian (wife [deceased])
Regina Mills
Zelena (as Marian)
The Evil Queen (alternate reality)
Origin Enchanted Forest
Abilities Expert archer
Magical crossbow which never misses its target
Aliases Robin of Locksley
Prince of Thieves
First Appearance Lacey (Robin Hood)
Wish You Were Here (Robin of Locksley)
Last Appearance Last Rites (Robin Hood)
Page 23 (Robin of Locksley)
Portrayer Sean Maguire
Tom Ellis (first appearance)
Centric Episodes Lacey
Heart of Gold
Robin of Locksley is a fictional character in ABC's television series Once Upon a Time. He is portrayed by British actor/singer Sean Maguire, who became a series regular in the fifth season after making recurring appearances in the third and fourth season. He is the second actor to play the role in the series, as it was first played by Tom Ellis in the second season, but scheduling conflicts prevented Ellis from reprising the role, resulting in Maguire taking the role afterwards.

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