Season 5
Once Upon a Time Season 5

No. of episodes


Original release

September 27, 2015 – May 15, 2016


The Dark Swan


Only You / An Untold Story


Season 4


Season 6

The fifth season of the American ABC fantasy-drama Once Upon a Time was ordered on May 7, 2015. It began airing on September 27, 2015, and ended on May 15, 2016. On June 9, 2015, the promotion of Rebecca Mader and Sean Maguire to series regulars was announced for the fifth season, portraying their characters Zelena / Wicked Witch of the West and Robin Hood, respectively, while a few days later, Michael Socha was confirmed to not be returning as a series regular as Will Scarlet / Knave of Hearts. The fifth season also saw the series reach its 100th episode, which aired on March 6, 2016 as the mid-season premiere.

New characters introduced to the series during the season include King Arthur, Guinevere, Merlin, Merida, Percival, Nimue, Hades, Hercules, Megara, Zeus, Poole, Jekyll and Hyde. The season also saw the return of numerous deceased characters from the first four seasons, including the Blind Witch, Queen of Hearts, Peter Pan, Cruella De Vil, Baelfire/Neal Cassidy, Milah, Prince Henry, Liam Jones, Prince James, Gaston, Claude and Stealthy.

Cast and characters



  • David Anders as Dr. Victor Frankenstein / Dr. Whale
  • Barbara Hershey as Cora Mills / Queen of Hearts
  • Caroline Ford as Nimue
  • Robbie Kay as Malcolm / Peter Pan / Pied Piper
  • Greg Germann as Hades
  • Giancarlo Esposito as Magic Mirror / Sidney Glass
  • Victoria Smurfit as Cruella De Vil / Cruella Feinberg
  • Tony Perez as Prince Henry Mills
  • Teri Reeves as Dorothy Gale
  • Michael Raymond-James as Baelfire / Neal Cassidy
  • Emma Caulfield as the Blind Witch


  • Mckenna Grace as Young Emma
  • Ryan Robbins as Sir Morgan
  • Paul Telfer as Lord Macintosh
  • Glenn Keogh as King Fergus
  • Caroline Morahan as Queen Elinor
  • Lily Knight as Witch
  • Adam Croasdell as Brennan Jones
  • Oliver Bell as Young Killian
  • Eric Keenleyside as Maurice / Moe French
  • Bailee Madison as Young Snow White
  • Jonathan Whitesell as Hercules
  • Kacey Rohl as Megara
  • Rachel Shelley as Milah
  • Bernard Curry as Liam Jones
  • Costas Mandylor as Captain Silver
  • Jeff Gulka as Boq
  • Paul Scheer voices Scarecrow
  • Wes Brown as Gaston
  • Ava Acres as Young Regina
  • Isabella Blake-Thomas as Young Zelena
  • Rya Kihlstedt as Cleo Fox
  • Max Chadburn as Natasha "Tasha" Morris
  • Geoff Gustafson as Stealthy
  • David Hoflin as Zeus
  • Hank Harris as Dr. Jekyll
  • Sam Witwer as Mr. Hyde
  • Arnold Pinnock as Poole / the Orderly
  • Tzi Ma as the Dragon
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