Sinqua Walls
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General Information
Gender: Male
Birthday: April 6, 1985
Age: 31
Hometown: Louisiana, U.S.
Birthplace: Louisiana, U.S.
Nationality: French
Native American
Other Information
Height: 6'2"
Occupation(s): Actor
Education: El Segundo High School
University of San Francisco's art program
Talents: Acting
Series Information
Character: Sir Lancelot
First appearance: Lady of the Lake
Last appearance: Broken Heart

Sinqua Walls is an American actor and former college basketball player for Cal Poly Pomona and the University of San Francisco.

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Early life

Originally from Louisiana, Sinqua moved to Los Angeles with his family and attended El Segundo High School. Growing up he played a variety of sports, but spent much of his childhood learning plays and studying his favorite movies, and would always watch his favorite movies until he could remember every line as practice for a future movie career. He knew that acting is what he wanted to do since he was eleven years old after watching "The Radio Flyer," which is also the first movie he memorized from start to finish. In 2007, he attended and graduated from University of San Francisco's art program where he studied Theatre and Film.

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