Soneque Martin-Green
Sonequa Martin-Green 2016
General Information
Gender: Female
Birthday: March 21, 1985
Age: 32
Birthplace: Russellville, Franklin County, Alabama, U.S.
Other Information
Height: 5'4½"
Occupation(s): Actress
Education: University of Alabama
Talents: Acting
Family & Friends
Family: Kenric Justin Green II (son)
Relationships: Kenric Green (husband)
Series Information
Character: Tamara
First appearance: The Queen Is Dead
Last appearance: The Heart of the Truest Believer

Sonequa Martin-Green is an American actress and producer. Martin-Green is best known for her television role as Sasha Williams in The Walking Dead and as Tamara in Once Upon a Time. Prior to this, she had starred in several independent films before gaining her first recurring role as Courtney Wells on The Good Wife. She is to play the lead role in the 2017 series Star Trek: Discovery.

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Early life

Martin-Green was born in Russellville, Alabama. She has one full sister and three older half-sisters. She had initially decided on becoming a psychologist before deciding to pursue a career in acting when she was in the tenth grade. After graduating from the University of Alabama in 2007 with a degree in theatre, she relocated to New York City where she and her husband, Kenric, lived for five years before moving to California.

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